Luke Martin, Culture Affairs Officer

Chai Lee, GM, Uber Eats (Taiwan)

Julienne Lauler, Public Diplomacy Officer

Kevin Lin, Co-Founder, Twitch

Kevin Kallmyer, Political Officer

Dennis Nieh, TV & Radio Host

Pat Boland, Economic Officer

Jane Chen & Alex Denner, Co-Founders,
Empress Hot Sauce

Mayra Alvarado,
Deputy Chief of Economics Section

Mai Bach, Founder of Ooh Cha Cha

Welcome to the AIT PodcastWe’re here to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: food. In each episode, we discuss food from an American city. Episodes are hosted by diplomats at the American Institute in Taiwan, and featuring guests from the Taiwanese-American, Taiwanese in America, or American in Taiwan community.Season 1, we’re heading to Boston, New York, San Jose, Orange County, and New Orleans. Subscribe to The AIT Podcast, now on all your favorite podcast platforms.

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